Dr. Brad Stahlheber | Biography Page

brad stahlheber x ray scanningDuring the pursuit of his undergraduate degree, Brad Stahlheber originally intended on studying biology and chemistry. Initially, he wanted to graduate school and become a pharmacist. While pursuing his degree, he worked briefly as a pharmacy tech and prepared for the PCAT. The PCAT is a standardized entrance exam that people must take in order to become a pharmacist. However, when the time came for Brad to take the exam, he opted to take another test instead, the MCAT. That was the moment that instead of becoming a pharmacist. Thus, Brad decided to enter medical school before working his way to become an anesthesiologist.

When he was finally accepted into medical school, the residency requested the newly enrolled students to pick a specialty. After careful evaluation, Dr. Stahlheber decided that anesthesiology requirements were very similar to what he had already learned in chemistry and biology during undergrad. Therefore, he picked anesthesiology and never looked back.

Daily Life

With a specialization in anesthesia, Dr. Brad Stahlheber works with a complex spine team that supports Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. This team is equipped with the specialization of caring for patients that have endured several surgeries and complex spinal issues that need to be addressed. Everyday, Brad wakes up at 6:30 in the morning to receive the surgical schedule at 7. After that, depending on the day and number of surgeries scheduled, his day varies dramatically. Each and everyday, Brad is presented with seemingly impossible tasks and he must overcome them with his team of specialized medical experts.

Aside from dealing with surgeries, Dr. Brad Stahlheber also needs to tend to his patients on a more personal level. He has to discuss ideas with his team and weigh all the available options. Doing so allows them to pursue the best and most efficient course of action.

Professional Experience

  • Anesthesiologist (2015-present) – St. John Medical Center
  • Anesthesiologist (2009-2015) – ESTAR Health System
  • Anesthesiologist (2008-2009) – Saint Francis Hospital South

brad stahlheber sitting down suit cellphone and coffee

Brad Stahlheber – Professional Skills

Working in the medical industry for years has allowed Dr. Brad Stahlheber to hone his professional skills. With a team that he has been working with for years, he has further developed these professional skills to the fullest.

Industry Knowledge

  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Medical Education
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Board Certification
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Process Improvement
  • Medicine