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Brad Stahlheber is a trained and experienced anesthesiologist that currently lives in Jenks, Oklahoma. With a fierce passion to help others, he has been working in the medical field professionally for decades.

Higher Education

Brad Stahlheber sitting and studyingDr. Brad Stahlheber embarked on his adulthood when he first enrolled in a college with the intention of becoming  a certified pharmacist one day. At the time, it felt like a well respected position and a viable option for him to pursue. Along the way however, he discovered that taking a slightly different direction would suit his lifestyle more. As such, when he was looking into taking his PCAT, he realized that taking MCAT and becoming an anesthesiologist made a lot more sense.

In 2004, Brad Stahlheber graduated from medical school. Feeling accomplished with the medical degree he obtained, but still feeling the desire to further his education, Brad pressed on. He decided to take his academia to the next step. As a result, he moved onto Oklahoma State University Medical Center and graduated in 2008.

Upon completion of these 2 academic institutions, Brad felt confident and ready to enter the professional realm.

Brad Stahlheber – Professional Career

The first position that Brad Stahlheber took was working at St. Francis South. Located in Tulsa, OK, he gained a ton of hands-on experience while working there. He worked closely with his supervisor and coworkers and it was an overall humble start.

After working for 8 months at St. Francis South, Dr. Brad Stahlheber found a fulfilling position at Muskogee Community Center. Located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Brad worked in this new and exciting position for the next 6 years. During that time, his talent and work ethic earned him the position of Chief of Anesthesia, something he was very proud of. In addition, while he was there, he was able to directly change and improve practices that further aided his patients. With these improvements in place, he further led the department for three years before seeking another position and another challenge to overcome.

Moving to St. John Medical Center was his most recent career milestone. He started his position there in 2015 serving as part of a specialized and coordinated team. As an anesthesiologist there, he works alongside an orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in complex surgical procedures for spinal operations. There, Dr. Brad Stahlheber works as both a voice of comfort before the daunting surgery as well as the pain manager for patients.

Personal Website

Brad Stahlheber nature jumping The purpose of this website is to allow Dr. Brad Stahlheber to showcase his professional achievements in the world of medicine with humility and modesty. Here, Brad wishes to inspire other doctors to chase after their dreams. More specifically, being a trained and experienced anesthesiologist, Brad wishes to act as a pillar of inspiration for others that are looking to dip their toes into the world of anesthesia.

In addition to using this website as a way to inspire others, Brad Stahlheber also wishes to use this website as a way for other professionals to reach out to him. Being in the professional realm and more specifically in the medical field, Brad cherishes new opportunities for forging alliances. As such, Brad is constantly seeking ways for him to expand his professional network.