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With a profound background in medicine and anesthesia, Dr Brad Stahlheber has made a few media appearances. More specifically, he has appeared in a few exclusive interviews and feature articles in recent times.

Exclusive Interviews

dr. dr brad stahlheber interview with femaleMaking an appearance on both Inspirery and Ideamensch, Dr. Brad Stahlheber discusses hi life, education, and career. On these interview platforms, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, and lawyers discuss their professional career. More specifically, the interviewees get a chance to go in-depth about what it is that makes them successful. Furthermore, these interviewees are asked about how they stay productive, how they formulate interesting ideas, and how they follow through with said ideas.

On Inspirery and Ideamensch, Dr Stahlheber discussed his medical school experience. He talks about how he forfeited PCAT and pursued MCAT instead and became an anesthesiologist. He also discusses his early career choices and how those shaped him as a person today.

Feature Articles

Aside from his recent interview appearances, Dr. Brad Stahlheber also took the opportunity to voice his opinion on a few feature articles. On Patch, Brad expressed his opinions on general anesthesia and how the technology has progressed over the last few decades. With technology advancing by the minute, he talks about how future discoveries could potentially revolutionize this entire process. Excited, he also makes a few predictions regarding how regional anesthesia and monitored anesthesia care can also be affected years later.

On Prague Post, Dr. Brad Stahlheber also talks about other areas of anesthesiology. More specifically, he discusses moderate sedation and the consequences associated with patients. In addition, as an anesthesiologist himself, he talks about a few common misconceptions regarding anesthesia. Finally, he explores the study of multimodal pain management and some of the most fascinating findings in the last decade.

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Brad Stahlheber – An Exclusive Interview with trained Anesthesiologist

Appreciate the opportunity to learn from failures and mistakes and learn from those incidents to become a better person. Dr Brad Stahlheber is a trained and expert anesthesiologist with a passion for helping others around him. He has been working in the medical field for many years and accumulated a ton of professional experience.

Dr Brad Stahlheber | Inspirery interview for doctors and entrepreneurs

Doctor Brad Stahlheber entered college with the intention of becoming a pharmacist. Along the way he found himself facing the decision to select the next level of schooling. It was when he was looking into taking his PCAT that he realized he wanted to take a different direction and took the MCAT instead.

Brad Stahlheber | Crunchbase

Brad Stahlheber is a trained and expert anesthesiologist that currently lives in Jenks, Oklahoma. He began his medical school academic when …

Brad Stahlheber – Hollywood Raising Awareness of Anesthesiology

Manipulating a patient’s senses during surgical interventions is one of the only ways to complete necessary medical procedures. For instance, operating on someone’s broken bone would be impossible without proper anesthesia that numbs the area. Luckily, the world has progressed in almost every way when it comes to the field of medicine.

Brad Stahlheber on Differences Between General and Regional Anesthesia | Prague Post

The concept of using some form of numbing medicine during surgical endeavors has been around for a long time. After all, people realized that medical interventions seldom go without major pain that adversely affects the patient. Thus, doctors have used all sorts of anesthesia for as long as surgeries have been around.

Brad Stahlheber Breaks Down What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Anesthesia

Anesthesia awareness is just one of the many common fears that patients have about surgery. Psychological thrillers have also heightened these fears. Other fears that patients have include having bizarre side effects, having foreign objects left inside them, and having their organs on the black market.

Brad Stahlheber Explains How Multimodal Pain Management Lowers Opioid Addiction Rates

Opiate addiction is having a devastating impact on communities all across the United States. One of the things that’s making the situation more alarming is that physicians were prescribing drugs to many of the opiate addicts in an attempt to manage the pain they were suffering from an injury or ailment.